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Who am I?

My name is Dave Nestor and I love racing whether it be online, watching in person, watching on TV, or getting into a real racecar. I also enjoy painting cars for the online drivers.

I began racing online with NR2003 and painted a lot of cars for that game so when I moved over to iRacing it was only natural to jump into painting for this sim also.


I have painted a lot of different models of cars and some of them without owning the car to check the paint job when it was finished.


Any of you that have raced with me know that I work very hard at racing clean, i don't believe in pushing someone out of the way or dive bombing someone to pick up a spot. Those typw of drivers are the ones that I pass later in the race as they are sticking there car in the fence.

I love to paint the cars for other drivers that just want their own car painted their way.


If you want a car painted then go to the contact page and let me know what you are wanting. I give a guarentee with every job I complete.




I charge a small fee for my work just to help pay for the many cars I dont already own in the sim. The more I own the better my product gets. If I don't own the car we can work together to get you the paint job you want.


My fees are $5.00 for a basic paint job and $8.00 for replicas of real cars. I prefer to get the payment as a gift in iRacing but I can take PayPal also.


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